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Orlando and his wife Miranda Kerr canoodling a bit, at the Global Green event. I love that she seems to be squeezing his non-existent ass

Orlando Bloom

Billy photo op at the same event

Billy Boyd

Elijah DJed in Moscow, and a fantastic interview with him (in the Daily Mail of all places!)

Elijah Wood

And Dom tweeted:

Off to do ridiculousness. Air date to follow. Billy has just left my house. It feels like a haunted tomb. I'm just holding myself tight.

(thanks to [ profile] karin_woywod, [ profile] mayfrayn for the pictures & links)

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey transcript

ETA: Some people are having trouble with that URL, please try a different browser if you are using IE, this alternate url or the TORn link page. Please let me know if you are still having trouble, and I'll upload the PDF.
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TORn Tuesday: an hour and a half of Billy and Dom hanging out with Cliff Broadway, plugging their various projects (especially Dom's Wild Things), answering fan questions, and clowning everyone's amusement, especially their own. Includes: responding to the name Monaboyd, laughing at their own ignorance of Spanish, Billy talking Dom into going to DragonCon this year, and repeated fart jokes.
Dom and Billy TORn interview more gifs on tumblr

Interview video part 1, and part 2 (links via [personal profile] sandelwood

liveblog by ayerlind on tumblr, part 1, part 2

I have a bunch of screenshots (I stopped uploading at 24) and all the sound in one 45MB or three smaller files, if anyone wants them.

So not over this fandom.
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2012-12-12 Dom and Billy at The Hobbit premiere London_001 2012-12-12 Dom and Billy at The Hobbit premiere London 2012-12-12 Dom and Billy at The Hobbit premiere London

And you can't even see Dom's mustache in that last one... Tumblr crashed right after I saw this, managed to grab the images (click through for big versions), thanks [ profile] padabee
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Hobbit premiere live streams available:
* New Zealand Herald
* New Zealand 3 News live stream

The November 28 schedule is:
3:50pm Show Opening/Welcome
4:00pm Neil Finn Performance
4:30pm Talent arrivals, red carpet interviews & crowd interaction
6:30pm Official Speeches
7:00pm End of Show
New Zealand Daylight Time is GMT + 13, so here are some start times in other places:
London at 2:50 AM (Nov. 28)
New York at 9:50 PM (Nov. 27)
San Francisco at 6:50 PM (Nov. 27)

check times at
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Peter Jackson: "I know I speak for a company of hobbits, dwarves, elves and orcs when I say that this city holds a special place in all our hearts. We cannot think of a more perfect way to send The Hobbit off into the world than to celebrate with a huge party here in Wellington, where the journey began."

source: Party in wings for Hobbit premiere (NZ Dominion Post) via TORn
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Dom and Elijah did bits as trash-talking fighters for the Fantastic Film festival in Austin hobbit vs. hobbit fight embedded video )

The first video of the actual debate, with Dom on the virtues of the game World of Warcraft as escapism embedded video )

So far, there's no video of the boxing part, but one picture from @heuge and one after (apparently Dom won) from @jenyamato
Elijah,Dom,2011,event Dominic,Elijah,2011,event

And a lagniappe: Dom rapping karaoke:embedded video )
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Viggo's at the Venice Film Festival for "A Dangerous Method", so there are great photos of him with a San Lorenzo doll, with Vincent Cassel, with fans, in black tie:
viggo 2011 event,viggo,2011,event viggo 2011 event,viggo,2011,event viggo 2011 event,viggo,2011,event viggo,viggo,2011,2011,event,event,viggo 2011 event viggo,viggo,2011,2011,event,event,viggo 2011 event viggo 2011 event,viggo,2011,event viggo,2011,event viggo,2011,event viggo,2011,event

And a photoshoot from the cover story in the September issue of L'Uomo Vogue. Viggo is wearing what seems to be a couture version of his green and white plaid shirt! (more gorgeous scans at Viggo-Works).
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It's been 10 years since the FOTR publicity push at the Cannes film festival. [ profile] kiltsandlollies has a sweet hobbit-heavy picspam, [ profile] not_alone's Cannes section from her delightful fannish narrative, A Journey with Frodo, and [ profile] nzstories has another picspam

All that inspired me to organize my various images, and I found some additional ones: Hobbits and PJ doing a kickline, Viggo in a green shirt, Liv in a black dress, Ian Holm, Christopher Lee, John Rhys Davis, Ian McKellen, Sean Bean with Orcs, Dom with Orcs, Orlando in a buzzcut and suit, and Orlando kissing Viggo's cheek, and Orlando kissing Viggo's cheek. so young! )
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more )

Thanks to [ profile] fienchen!
Source 1

Source 2

More on more on dom_media on LJ (locked, join comm to see) and elijah_finds (also locked, join comm to see)

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Monaboyd Month! dom and billy [ profile] monaboyd_month is a celebration of the fictional slash relationship and real life friendship of the actors Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan. Please sign up. They start making the posting schedule next week, so the deadline for claiming your date is April 15. I made a feed, [syndicated profile] monaboyd_month_lj_feed for your Dreamwidth circle reading convenience

The Hobbit has started filming! And Peter Jackson made a video about it!

It looks really gorgeous: Bag End and Gollum's caverns and parts of Rivendell that we never saw before, Dwarves doing fight training, Jed Brophy!, and Martin Freeman wearing an abominable suit but (or maybe therefore) looking very Hobbity! I wasn't around during the original LotR filming, so intend to enjoy this a whole bunch.

on the dreaded Facebook (I have a fake account there, they're relatively easy to make) / on YouTube / embedded here just because I can )

ETA: old youtube link was pulled, so I put in a new one. Hrmph, facebook, hrmph
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    1. Dom in eyeliner:

    2. Orlando and his baby (paparazzi photos)

    3. When Your Dog Gets To Kiss Viggo Mortensen and You Do Not - confessions of a middle-aged Viggo fangirl. She apparently doesn't know that he's a ridiculous fan too, only in his case, it's San Lorenzo.

    ETA: fixed links to big Orlando photos
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Billy and Dom are in LA, and there are fun new pictures of them together, warming a fangirl's heart :-D

Dom and Billy at some event 2011,Dominic,Billy,event Dom and Billy at some event

Other sources: kiltsandlollies picspam, [ profile] dom_media, Dominic Monaghan Resource
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EXCLUSIVE: Elijah Wood Dishes On His 'Hobbit' Role!
by Tom DiChiara
Sundance 2011
Video , Interview

Two weeks ago, news broke that Elijah Wood will be returning to Middle-Earth (a.k.a. New Zealand) as beloved Shire-dweller Frodo for a small role in Peter Jackson's two-part "LOTR" prequel "The Hobbit" -- and now MTV News has scored some exclusive details on the cameo from Wood himself.

While at the Sundance Film Festival to promote the Adam Yauch-directed Beastie Boys short "Fight for Your Right Revisited," Wood opened up to MTV about why he's excited for his "Hobbit" role, what it might entail and why J.R.R. Tolkein purists need not fret -- or snarl like Gollum -- at the idea of Frodo's inclusion in the films (he wasn't in the book). Check out the interview below. Read more... )
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miranda kerr and babyOrlando and wife Miranda had their baby on January 7 (I think). She posted a note that he's named Flynn (for Errol I wonder?), and a lovely photo of her and the baby on her blog, (which is now overloaded, story at

I hope the photo gets young moms considering breastfeeding, which is usually healthier for everyone. Also she is very pretty. Also the baby looks like both of mine, who were of course, gorgeous :-D


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