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The Lotrips holiday gift fic exchange, [ profile] slashababy is baaaack! Any and all pairings accommodated, from OTPs to ensemble-fic. We've had a bunch of fantastic stories in earlier years, please come join us this year. The deadline for signups is October 22, 12 Midnight, PDT.

(DW note: if you hate LJ, I will make a signup post here so you don't have to go there.)
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The cast and crew of the Lord of the Rings movies didn't just make movies, they talked to us, the fans, in the Appendix features on the DVDs. Some of us fell in love with them and have never fallen out!

This community is for news, fan reports, interesting tidbits and rumors, articles, links to vids and wallpaper files, icons, and photos of any of the actors, actresses, crew, or related people. News of The Hobbit is also welcome. Cross-posting to other communities and to LiveJournal is fine.

While this is not a fanfic community, it's LOTR RPS and fanfiction-friendly for slash, het, and f/f squee. We will delete intolerant posts and comments, and if necessary, ban posters. Unacceptable behavior includes gay or het disrespect, significant pairing disparagement, and strongly negative comments about significant others. But please post fanfiction itself at [community profile] lotrip_all_fic.

Sadly Necessary Rules
  1. Repetitive posts about polls (ie. The Hello Votes) are not allowed.
  2. No plugging of other comms without permission from a mod.
  3. Character or Actor bashing on any level is not allowed.
  4. Being rude to other members is not allowed.
  5. Adult content is allowed but must be placed behind a cut with appropriate warnings.
  6. Please use common sense and discretion when posting and if there is any doubt whether or not a post should be locked, err on the side of locked.
  7. Any large graphics should be hidden behind a cut. For large icon posts, please show some teasers and use a cut or a link for the rest.

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If you have any questions, please message or email [personal profile] msilverstar.

Note: this profile is a work in progress, suggestions and clarifications appreciated.

ETA: wrong dream, duh, fixed; also community links fixed (I think)


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