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Viggo's at the Venice Film Festival for "A Dangerous Method", so there are great photos of him with a San Lorenzo doll, with Vincent Cassel, with fans, in black tie:
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And a photoshoot from the cover story in the September issue of L'Uomo Vogue. Viggo is wearing what seems to be a couture version of his green and white plaid shirt! (more gorgeous scans at Viggo-Works).
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It's been 10 years since the FOTR publicity push at the Cannes film festival. [ profile] kiltsandlollies has a sweet hobbit-heavy picspam, [ profile] not_alone's Cannes section from her delightful fannish narrative, A Journey with Frodo, and [ profile] nzstories has another picspam

All that inspired me to organize my various images, and I found some additional ones: Hobbits and PJ doing a kickline, Viggo in a green shirt, Liv in a black dress, Ian Holm, Christopher Lee, John Rhys Davis, Ian McKellen, Sean Bean with Orcs, Dom with Orcs, Orlando in a buzzcut and suit, and Orlando kissing Viggo's cheek, and Orlando kissing Viggo's cheek. so young! )
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    1. Dom in eyeliner:

    2. Orlando and his baby (paparazzi photos)

    3. When Your Dog Gets To Kiss Viggo Mortensen and You Do Not - confessions of a middle-aged Viggo fangirl. She apparently doesn't know that he's a ridiculous fan too, only in his case, it's San Lorenzo.

    ETA: fixed links to big Orlando photos
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Another popular request, and I had already done most of it. This picspam is from [ profile] karin_woywod. Many of the pictures are by the late photographer Pierre Vinet, much loved by LOTR cast and crew. Some of the photos are in costume and character, others are the actors playing themselves. Karin is an Elijah fan, so he goes first:

1999 to 2003 - 50900 LOTR LOTR2 PHOTOS CAST SS-7563 F by Pierre Vinet
1999 to 2003 - 51400 LOTR LOTR2 PHOTOS CAST SS-6946 F by Pierre Vinet
1999 to 2003 - 50900 LOTR LOTR2 PHOTOS CAST SS-7563 F by Pierre Vinet

[2657 x 3300 pixels]
1999 to 2003 - 51400 LOTR LOTR2 PHOTOS CAST SS-6946 F by Pierre Vinet

[2666 x 3378 pixels]
1999 to 2003 - 51501 LOTR LOTR2 PHOTOS CAST SS-6936 F by Pierre Vinet
1999 to 2003 - 51501 LOTR LOTR2 PHOTOS CAST SS-6936 F by Pierre Vinet

[263 3 x 3330 pixels]

Viggo, Liv, Karl, Miranda, John, Bernard, Brad )
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Viggo's in book of photos, 'Anima Persona,' by Brigitte Lacombe: GQ Blog on - I'm going to try a hotlink to their thumbnail: viggo in black and white

"He was doing another project in Hungary so we shot there. He is just the most handsome man you can imagine—distractingly handsome. But when you are with him, it's not that you forget, but he is so elegant and so kind and also very interested in photography; he's published his own book. Our location person had found us this night club that looked very much like a place from the '50s, and it was in the middle of the day so it was kind of abandoned. He was very easy and generous, he gave us a lot of time. I love this picture because you can see how elegant and long he is from his arms."

ETA: link  from Viggo-Works
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Via Viggo-Works, an article in El Argentino about Viggo's anthology of Argentinian poetry, Antologia de la Nueva Poesía Argentina

Both Spanish version and English translation on Viggo-Works -- lots of poets bonding over San Lorenzo, quite delightful.


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