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2012-12-12 Dom and Billy at The Hobbit premiere London_001 2012-12-12 Dom and Billy at The Hobbit premiere London 2012-12-12 Dom and Billy at The Hobbit premiere London

And you can't even see Dom's mustache in that last one... Tumblr crashed right after I saw this, managed to grab the images (click through for big versions), thanks [ profile] padabee
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Thanks to [ profile] fienchen!
Source 1

Source 2

More on more on dom_media on LJ (locked, join comm to see) and elijah_finds (also locked, join comm to see)

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    1. Dom in eyeliner:

    2. Orlando and his baby (paparazzi photos)

    3. When Your Dog Gets To Kiss Viggo Mortensen and You Do Not - confessions of a middle-aged Viggo fangirl. She apparently doesn't know that he's a ridiculous fan too, only in his case, it's San Lorenzo.

    ETA: fixed links to big Orlando photos
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Billy and Dom are in LA, and there are fun new pictures of them together, warming a fangirl's heart :-D

Dom and Billy at some event 2011,Dominic,Billy,event Dom and Billy at some event

Other sources: kiltsandlollies picspam, [ profile] dom_media, Dominic Monaghan Resource
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Orlando Bloom will be in the new version of 'The three Musketeers', released summer 2011.

He´s going to play The Duke of Buckingham. On his side there will be Milla Jovovich as Milady de Winter and
Christoph Waltz as Cardinal Richelieu. Which just adds to the my anticipation.

Sadly there is no trailer yet.

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Miranda Otto at Australian Fashion Week
Like a very well-dressed trooper, the Cashmere Mafia actress Miranda Otto fronted up for multiple catwalk shows yesterday, after a full day on Monday. The blue-green palette at Lisa Ho appealed to the flame-haired bombshell, though she was not too keen on some of the neutral tones.

"When the beiges come out, I'm like, no, I can't do beige," Otto said, before sashaying off to Zimmerman, where she sat in front of two other actresses, Pia Miranda and Sybilla Budd.
There's yet another Australian Miranda, who happens to be Orlando Bloom's girlfriend
The biggest names came out after dark for the show of the red-carpet fashion maestro Alex Perry. After gracing the catwalk as his No. 1 model last year, the David Jones darling Miranda Kerr took a breather this year with a front-row seat
In boots and black, wedges to the back


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