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(More at Zimbio: Billy, Dom, Elijah)


fandom squeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Billy event 2010 billy,event,2010 Dom,Event,2010

I mostly hate the sun newspaper but they have the wedding article & pictures.. Maybe to make up for that horrid headline a couple of months ago.
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Entertainment Weekly is doing a Cast Reunion Issue, and they have photos of of LotR actors looking happy and fabulous! They're from May and July of this year, and successfully hidden from fans until right now. There's a small photo of Dom, Elijah and Sean Astin on the front cover and three other photos of them, a gorgeous one of Bernard Hill, Sean Bean, Peter Jackson, Orlando, Billy and Andy, a photo of Hugo, Miranda, Cate and Ian McKellan (I know!), and a two page spread of Orlando and Pete. Oooo, I just found a Dom, Elijah and Sean article... The text here and in the magazine is OK, the pictures are priceless!

Let us all praise EW and [ profile] primula_baggins who made scans of all of them to share!
fangirl squee to the max! )

There's also video! Dom, Elijah, and Sean were filmed doing the photoshoot and telling stories, also on the on the EW site. embedded video behind the cut ) [ profile] rakshi already has screencaps!

It's like someone decided to cheer up my whole week, and I'm going to bed a happy fangirl, (especially if more people sign up for [ profile] slashababy)!
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Everyone was talking how Megan Fox was in this Music Video, scandalously playing a woman in a violent relationship. No one talked about Dominic. We should change that!

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Orlando Bloom will be in the new version of 'The three Musketeers', released summer 2011.

He´s going to play The Duke of Buckingham. On his side there will be Milla Jovovich as Milady de Winter and
Christoph Waltz as Cardinal Richelieu. Which just adds to the my anticipation.

Sadly there is no trailer yet.

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Sean Astin at Dragon*Con (photos by [ profile] cara_chapel, posted with her kind permission)

Sean Astin at Dragon*con
and many more great ones
and more in the grey shirt )

Billy Boyd at the Dundee Rep (reposted with thanks to [ profile] mata090680)

Billy at Dundee Rep - blue sweater photoshoot
more with the blue sweater )

Dom at the LA airport (paparazzi photos) (reposting with thanks to [ profile] mata090680)

and more with the red shirt )

New Elijah photoshoot (reposting with thanks to [ profile] mata090680)

more in the suit )
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“When you’re single you can live off beans, but when you’ve got a wife and wean... life is different” - Herald Scotland (July 26, 2010).

Nice long interview, enough time to say new things, including:

Best personality trait: Loyalty.
Worst personality trait: I can be withdrawn at times. (oh fanon!)

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Ian Mckellan's doing a tour, and taking "Waiting for Godot" to Australia and New Zealand, May to July this year. Have fun!

Showbiz - Waiting For Godot - Tickets Dates and Info


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